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Dual Wielding

Allyson Lindt

Fiction / Romance / LGBTQ+ / Bisexual

I’ve loved Danny for as long as I can remember. As a friend. As a band mate. As more. We had a good run as a couple, but I walked away for fame. Talk about a big-time screw-up. No wonder I'm almost forty, still single, and singing in dive bars for beer tickets.

When Reese and I split, I was adrift without an anchor. I climbed into the bottom of a bottle and made myself at home. Brandon pulled me out and showed me life on the other side, enough that Reese and I could make a fresh start as a band, but not as more. Never again.

There’s no missing the chemistry between Reese and Danny on stage. They could power a room with the sparks. But Danny’s mine. When an end of show kiss between them shows their chemistry never faded, I know I can’t keep them apart forever.

Is there a way the three of us could have it all, or will one of us lose everything?

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