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Sulaim Bin Qais Hilali In Roman English

Sahabi Ameer Al Momineen Ali (a.s)

Sulaim Bin Qais Hilali

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The Book Sulaim Bin Qais is the oldest known Shia Hadith collection by Sulaim ibn Qais Hilali, who entrusted it to Abban ibn Abi Ayaish and has received endorsement from five Infallible Imams." The author researched and verified events before he penned them so that their authenticity is incontrovertible. The book was entrusted to only one person, Aban ibn Abi Ayyash who was held to a solemn oath not to talk of the book during Sulaym's lifetime and that after his death he would give the book only to trustworthy Shia.

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Sulaim Bin Qais Hilali In Roman English
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