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One Welfare in Practice

The Role of the Veterinarian

Tanya Stephens

Medical / General

Animal welfare has long been recognised as central to the role of the veterinary professional, but this is increasingly aligned with the welfare of humans and the broader environment in which we co-exist. This is the first book dedicated to the role of the veterinarian in One Welfare, a concept that recognises the interconnections between animal welfare, human wellbeing, and the environment.

The book demonstrates, through a wide range of international case studies, why professional ethics and the use of good evidence is integral to this role. Contributors bring a rich variety of writings, each with their own perception of the role of the veterinarian in improving animal welfare and human wellbeing. One Welfare in Practice: The Role of the Veterinarian emphasises the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and solutions: it is essential that veterinary practitioners recognise when other professionals or disciplines need to be consulted to benefit both animals and humans. With its multiple, fascinating approaches to One Welfare, this book will inform and inspire the veterinarian to find areas where collaborative action reaps the greatest rewards.

This unique book shows how veterinarians can and are contributing to improving animal and human welfare, offering practical advice as to how the profession can further engage in One Welfare in a range of settings.

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