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The Phytochemical and Pharmacological Aspects of Ethnomedicinal Plants

A. Doss, P. S. Tresina, V. R. Mohan

Science / Life Sciences / General

This book addresses the resurgence of interest in the rediscovery of ethnomedicinal plants as a source of potential ethnomedicines. In the 21st century, the pharmacological effects of medicinal plants are considered to have a promising future as drugs and medicines for the management of healthcare. Considering the extremely high cost and length of time needed for the development of new drugs, as well as the high drug attrition rate, pharmaceutical companies and researchers continue to explore new ways for drug R&D and focus more attention on the benefits of ethnomedical plants as a source of new compounds for drugs.

The research provided in this timely volume examines the development and characterization of new natural drugs from medicinal plants with the aid of better screening methods. The chapters survey specific medicinal plant species and describe the characteristics of each, how the plants work, and their applications for healthcare. The authors provide research on plants from Western Ghats and adjoining areas for ethnomedicinal investigation because this area is very rich in phytodiversity and tribal traditions in phytotherapy and the plants surveyed have applications beyond this region.

This book is a valuable medical compendium of plants and is intended as a guide and reference resource for professionals in the field. It reviews the current status of ethnomedicinal plants research in light of the surge in the demand for herbal medicine as a future source of new therapeutics.

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