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White Haven and the Lord of Misrule

TJ Green

Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal

Yuletide, the Court of Fools, and unpredictable magic!

Stan, the town’s pseudo-druid, has decided the Christmas festivities will be different this year. He announces he is the Lord of Misrule and appoints his Court of Fools.

Very quickly odd things start to happen.

Magic and paranormal characteristics are unveiled, throwing everything into disarray, and making life very difficult for the witches and their friends.

And unfortunately, darker events occur, too.

Unless Avery, Alex, and the other witches can find a solution, Yuletide may not be as joyous as they hoped.

Join the White Haven witches for winter solstice magic and mayhem in this seasonal novella.

Keywords: Christmas mystery, Witchy fiction, witch fiction, witch mysteries, witch urban fantasy, paranormal fiction, paranormal fantasy series, paranormal mystery, supernatural suspense, occult fiction, magic, action and adventure, spirits, ghosts, mild romance, paranormal cozy mystery, mystery books, Cornish village mysteries, occult fiction, demons, contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy, humour, friendship, magic, spells, intrigue, English myths, legends and folklore, witchcraft, Wiccan fiction, grimoires and spell books. 

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