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The Vicar's Knickers

Vince R. Ditrich

Fiction / Humorous / General

Tony Vicar is setting his sights on new (mis)adventures in this laugh-out-loud follow-up to The Liquor Vicar.

Tony Vicar, now an internationally known celebrity (due to greatly exaggerated news reports of his nearly miraculous powers), has turned his attention to renovating his recently inherited, crumbling old hotel in the whacky town of Tyee Lagoon. Now living with Jacquie O, the pair plan to turn the hotel's dumpy old Beer Parlour into the Vicar's Knickers -- a lavish and beautiful pub.

Of course, building a tiny empire is not without challenges, shocks, opposition, and calamity. Vicar's celebrity is under attack as he is assailed by Hollywood gossip journalist Richard X Dick, a cynic determined to undermine Vicar at every turn. On top of that, a surprise that changes everything is unexpectedly left on Vicar and Jacquie O's doorstep late one night in a heavy blizzard.

Vicar is feeling the pressure mount and fears he may be cracking -- he's beginning to see and hear things that simply cannot be accounted for. Surrounded by forces both invisible and all too obvious, he must tackle the greatest misadventure of his life: parenthood.

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