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Dictionary of 6-Letter Words: Words You Should Know

Manik Joshi

Reference / Thesauri

In this book, you will learn the meanings of useful 6-letter-words. You will also find the names of parts of speech they belong to. I have also given synonyms for most of these words. Sample this:


01 -- abduct [v.] -- to illegally and forcefully take sb away and keep them as a prisoner, especially in order to get sth such as money for returning them [synonym: kidnap]

02 -- abrade [v.] -- to remove part of the surface of sth, such as rock or skin, and damage it or make it rough by rubbing it against sth rough and hard i.e. by friction or erosion [synonyms: graze, roughen, scrape]

03 -- abrupt [adj.] -- (a). involving action or change that is sudden, rapid or unexpected in an unpleasant way | (b). speaking in an unfriendly manner

04 -- acidly [adv.] -- (of sb’s remarks) in a manner that is critical, rude and unkind [synonym: sarcastically]

05 -- advent [n.] -- (a). the beginning of an important event or situation; the invention of something important; or the arrival of a notable person or thing (b). the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas [synonym: initiation]

06 -- affect [v.] -- (a). to cause a change in someone or something; to have an impact or an influence on someone or something | (b). to produce strong feelings of distress, pity, regret, sorrow, or sympathy, etc. on sb | (c). (of a disease) to make sb become ill or sick; to have an impact on sb or a particular part of the body | (d). to act as if you are feeling or thinking sth | (e). to try to impress other people by using or wearing sth that looks special/unique; to behave insincerely or unnaturally to impress other people [synonym: put on]

07 -- aflame [adj.] -- burning; in flames | full of dazzling lights | showing pleasure or disgrace

08 -- agleam [adj.] -- shining brightly and steadily; full of light [synonym: glowing]

09 -- angler [n.] -- a person who catches fish with a rod or line as a hobby (not as a job or sport)

10 -- anorak [n.] -- a boring person who is very fond of learning facts or collecting things

11 -- arcane [adj.] -- strange, secret and mysterious and therefore knowable or understandable only to a few people [synonyms: esoteric, unfathomable]

12 – archly [adv.] -- In an amusing manner because you are more aware of the situation than others

13 -- ardent [adj.] -- showing particular emotion or feeling such as love, fondness, etc. for somebody/something strongly [synonyms: enthusiastic, passionate]

14 -- aright [adv.] -- correctly

15 -- artful [adj.] -- (a). clever or skillful at getting what you want, especially in a cunning/dishonest way or by hiding the truth [synonyms: crafty, tricky] | (b). (of things or actions) showing creative skill or taste

16 -- aspire [v.] --to direct your hopes, efforts, etc. towards a particular career or activity [synonyms: aim, seek]

17 -- attain (v.) (a). to get something after a lot of effort | (b). to reach a particular level, age, condition, etc.

18 -- august [adj.] -- respected, dignified and impressive [synonyms: imposing, majestic]

19 – avidly [adv.] -- with great interest, eagerness or enthusiasm

20 – avowal [n.] -- a statement that publicly and firmly shows your opinion about sth [synonym: affirmation]

21 -- avowed [adj.] -- that has been publicly admitted, declared, asserted or stated [synonyms: affirmed, confirmed]

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