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Sinner's Game

J. Kenner

Fiction / Romance / Suspense

Which is more perilous—the looming danger or their igniting passion?

Rising fashion designer Brandy Bradshaw is on top of the world after closing a major deal for a new line of handbags. But when she arrives home, eager to share her success with her friends, she’s shocked to find her landlord dead in her living room, killed by a single bullet to the head. 

What starts as a mystery quickly turns into something far more dangerous as Brandy’s life is threatened by whatever forces murdered her landlord.

Security consultant Ronan Thorne likes risk and excitement in his work, but keeps his personal life free of the drama and intensity that would recall the ghosts of his past. He never allows a woman to get close. Until he meets Brandy. Suddenly, he wonders if he might be missing a primal connection and passion that he’d long ago dismissed. 

With her life now in peril, one thing becomes absolutely clear: he’ll protect her at any cost.

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