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Global Communication

New Agendas in Communication

Joe Straubhaar, Karin Wilkins, Shanti Kumar

Language Arts & Disciplines / Communication Studies

This volume interrogates what "global" means in the context of "communication," and who benefits from global communication practices and industries. Emerging scholars contribute their unique perspectives in communication scholarship, charting innovative directions for research that connects empirical evidence with pressing questions of social significance. This critical reflection leads to considering problems that result from the way global communication becomes mobilized, in the practice of journalism and development as well as the ICT industry.

Global Communication defines the term "globalization," through understanding the cultural geography of global, regional, national, and local media. Critical evaluations of media production, distribution, and consumption practices, within cultural contexts, offer insights into how people "mediate" the global. Chapters draw attention to communications in Latin America, the Arab World, and South Asia, complicating territorial boundaries and exploring how local audience and industry practices work within global as well as local configurations.

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14 June 2021

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