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Since its founding in 1923, the Walt Disney Company has become an American institution and one of the most successful businesses in history. This book takes an in-depth look at the evolution of this iconic and sometimes controversial corporation.

It's hard to imagine a childhood without the ubiquitous presence of Disney. From classics like Cinderella and Bambi to such modern blockbusters as Mulan and Frozen, Disney's animated features have captivated audiences for decades. Visiting CaliforniA&Rsquo;s Disneyland or FloridA&Rsquo;s Disney World has become the quintessential family vacation. Children dress as their favorite Disney characters for Halloween, while young-at-heart adults collect all manner of Disney memorabilia. But how much do you really know about this integral piece of Americana?

Part of Greenwood’s Corporations That Changed the World series, this book provides readers with a richly detailed history of a company that has become synonymous with what it means to grow up as an American. It chronicles Walt Disney's early years and the evolution of the Walt Disney Company from animation studio to entertainment powerhouse. It also explores how Disney changed the landscape of animation and movie making forever. An unbiased look at the controversies that have surrounded Disney over the years will help readers better understand these contentious issues and how the company has responded.

  • Provides readers with a better understanding of the impact of Disney on American life, from movie making techniques to how modern-day Florida is governed
  • Explores Walt Disney's early life and career, helping readers understand how they influenced his later success
  • Traces Disney's enduring influence on animation and how the art form has evolved over the decades
  • Examines the many controversies that have emerged over the years, from accusations that Walt Disney was anti-Semitic to concerns about sexist portrayals of women and girls

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