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Orlan Orphans

Kirsten Osbourne

Fiction / Romance / General

Penny Sanders is happy with her life in Nowhere, Texas. She’s been adopted by a wonderful elderly couple who are determined to be good parents for her and her sisters, and she has a good job doing what she loves best. When a handsome stranger wanders into the mercantile where she works, she is immediately attracted to him, but she’s unsure if she can trust him beyond a business relationship. While his eyes make her heart beat faster, she is cautious, not wanting to ruin the good life she has.

Tom McClain is a man who believes very strongly in fate. The youngest of seven brothers, he has always known where he was going, if not when he’d arrive there. When he sees Penny sitting at her work table, he knows she’s the woman who will complete him, and he immediately sets to the task of convincing her. Will he be able to make her understand that they’re meant to be together? Or will her overwhelming family get the better of him?

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