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Turning Pages

Sachin Rathod

Antiques & Collectibles / Books

The book 'Turning Pages’ is the dream project of Sachin Rathod. Since he loves to write, his dream was to publish his own book. He got the opportunity to write this book. The theme he choose for the book are the topics which he loves to write the most. This is his first book. He tried to show one sided love story and it’s end in this book. This book is very close to his heart. He explained various perspective that change according to person.

He got one friend named Rajvi Shah. She is the founder of Unité Publication. With her help the story of this book started.

He is happy and excited about this book and the content in it. He has tried to show how the situation changes as day changes in the life of a person who is in love. That’s why the name of the book is 'Turning Pages’.

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