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Still Think I'm Nerdy if I am a Big Boobed Porn Star

A laugh-out-loud comedy about a nerdy girl who tries too hard

Bjorn Peeters

Fiction / Humorous / General

Wanna laugh? Then let this laugh-out-loud comedy about a nerdy girl trying too hard to be sexy put a grin on your face!

Suellen is twenty-four and hot. She’s also a nerd. She doesn’t mind. She likes living the nerdy life. But not when she’s dating. She wants guys to see a different side to her. So she transforms herself into a steamy firecracker babe. One problem. Guys tend not to notice the difference. Which freaks her out. And when she tries to prove to them how not nerdy she can be, things start to go terribly wrong.

Like when Suellen tries to convince a boob-doctor that her life will be SO much better if she has super big boobs, but he’s just not buying it.

“But I need bigger boobs!”

“I’m gonna regret asking this, but: WHY?”

“Because it’s impossible to shrink a head, but easy to make your boobs bigger.”

The doctor stared at her for a moment, then said: “My good sense is telling me to send you home, or possibly to another kind of doctor, but I admit I’m curious.” He motioned his hand to her in a kind of wide gesture. “Please, elaborate on that! And if you already went to a doctor asking to shrink your head, please tell me in detail what the response to that was.”


You never know how far Suellen is willing to go to make a point, but one thing is sure, it’s a LOT further than most girls!

Do you like laugh-out-loud adult comedy fiction with some sexy (failures)? Then sit back and enjoy, this is the series for you. Each story is a straight to the point half-hour read of fun and laughs, for you to enjoy during your break at work, commute,... or whenever you need a good laugh.

All stories in the series can be read independently, in any order you like.

Try at NO RISK. The first story in the series is free!

Don’t read a lot? Or is English your second language? BJORN PEETERS comedies are FOR ADULTS, but at the same time EASY TO READ. Typically scoring 80+ on the Flesch–Kincaid readability scales.

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