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Anomaly Detection and Complex Event Processing Over IoT Data Streams

With Application to eHealth and Patient Data Monitoring

Fatos Xhafa, Patrick Schneider

Computers / Artificial Intelligence / General

Anomaly Detection and Complex Event Processing over IoT Data Streams: With Application to eHealth and Patient Data Monitoring presents advanced processing techniques for IoT data streams and the anomaly detection algorithms over them. The book brings new advances and generalized techniques for processing IoT data streams, semantic data enrichment with contextual information at Edge, Fog and Cloud as well as complex event processing in IoT applications. The book comprises fundamental models, concepts and algorithms, architectures and technological solutions as well as their application to eHealth. Case studies, such as the bio-metric signals stream processing are presented –the massive amount of raw ECG signals from the sensors are processed dynamically across the data pipeline and classified with modern machine learning approaches including the Hierarchical Temporal Memory and Deep Learning algorithms.

The book discusses adaptive solutions to IoT stream processing that can be extended to different use cases from different fields of eHealth, to enable a complex analysis of patient data in a historical, predictive and even prescriptive application scenarios. The book ends with a discussion on ethics, emerging research trends, issues and challenges of IoT data stream processing.

  • Provides the state-of-the-art in IoT Data Stream Processing, Semantic Data Enrichment, Reasoning and Knowledge
  • Covers extraction (Anomaly Detection)
  • Illustrates new, scalable and reliable processing techniques based on IoT stream technologies
  • Offers applications to new, real-time anomaly detection scenarios in the health domain

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