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Christmas on the Screen

Reviewing the Evolution of American Spirituality

John A. Zukowski

Social Science / Sociology of Religion

“Christmas movies are revealing windows into religion, consumerism, family, and American pop culture, and Zukowski offers a compelling, highly readable guide to this long-flourishing genre. Exploring classics as well as flops, he illuminates both the resilience and the limitations of the holiday’s celebration on screen.” —Leigh E. Schmidt, Washington University in St. Louis, author of Consumer Rites: The Buying and Selling of American Holidays

How the Grinch Stole Christmas weighs materialism against community. The Polar Express tests the wonder of miracles in an age of cynicism. And Die Hard (yes, Die Hard) wrestles with the impact of broken relationships on holiday joy. With Christmas on the Screen, journalist John A. Zukowski takes readers on an historic tour of Christmas films and changing American values to ask the question, “What does Christmas mean to us?”

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22 December 2021

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