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Bioresource Utilization and Management

Applications in Therapeutics, Biofuels, Agriculture, and Environmental Science

Hrudayanath Thatoi, Sonali Mohapatra, Swagat Kumar Das

Nature / Environmental Conservation & Protection

The need for exploration, conservation, and sustainable utilization of bioresources is undeniable for the survival and growth of mankind. This new book throws light on new and recent research on and development of effective strategies for sustainable utilization of bioresources using modern tools and techniques to help meet this challenge. This volume addresses the utilization of bioresources in therapeutics, in biofuel, in agriculture, and in environmental protection. Beginning with the diverse potential applications of bioresources in food, medicine, and cosmetics, the volume goes on to address the various different underutilized bioresources and their sustainable uses. It discusses important advances in biofuel and patents that highlight recent developments that address the energy crises and the continuously fluctuating cost of petroleum. It explores new renewable energy sources from bioresources and their sustainable utilization in the bioenergy and biofuel industry.

Several chapters focus on the sustainable utilization of bioresources in the agricultural sector. The volume considers that developing countries have huge agricultural resources that could be employed for production of value-added byproducts for the sustainable development of a bio-based economy. The book discusses efficient use of underexploited natural bioresources, new chemical approaches for the generation of novel biochemicals, and the applications of genetics approaches for bioresource conservation and production of value-added products. Further, strategies for the production of biopesticides utilizing bioresources are also discussed.

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