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This Might Hurt

Stephanie Wrobel

Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense

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Welcome to Wisewood. We'll keep your secrets, if you keep ours.

High-flier Natalie Collins always has a plan.
Her younger sister Kit rarely does.

Until she finds Wisewood.
When Kit insists on joining the self-help retreat on a secluded Maine island, Natalie has concerns.
Why does it forbid contact with the outside world? Is it a cult?

Then, after six months of silence, Natalie receives a message:

Would you like to come tell your sister what you did - or should we?

Who is digging into the Collins' past? How did they discover Natalie's secret?
She will have to go to Wisewood to find out if this place of healing has more sinister motives.
Can she rescue Kit? Or might Natalie be the one who needs saving?

Because Wisewood is far easier to get into than to leave . . .

This Might Hurt is a whipsmart thriller of sisters, secrets and sanctuary and what fear will do to those we love.

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