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Urban Ecology

A Case Study of Lima City, Perú

Ana Sabogal

Science / Life Sciences / Ecology

This book emphasizes the necessity of green spaces and landscape planning to achieve a liveable city. It will more specifically enquire on how to reach a better liveability from the current conditions of Lima. This book takes on the one hand classic concepts from urban agronomy as are soil, water and plants, and on the other hand emphasizes the resources, the plant adaptations and the urban ecosystems, according to the context of Lima. Comparisons are also made to landscape concepts from other cities of the word, contemporary methods of urban landscape research are explained in perspectives of agronomy and ecology. The ecological restoration of some natural spaces of Lima are proposed and related to the food security which impacts on the sustainability of the city. Finally, it describes representative Parks of Lima and previous research projects that have allowed to improve the urban landscape. Considering the city's cultural diversity, comparisons to the mountain and rainforest areas are also made.

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