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Algal Biorefinery

Developments, Challenges and Opportunities

Ajay K. Dalai, Sonil Nanda, Vaibhav V. Goud, Venu Babu Borugadda

Business & Economics / Industries / Energy

This book enables readers to understand the theoretical aspects, key steps and scientific techniques with a detailed mechanism to produce biofuels from algae.

Each chapter provides the latest developments and recent advancements starting from algal cultivation techniques to the production of value-added green fuels, chemicals and products with wide applications. The volume brings together a broad range of international and interdisciplinary experts, including chemical and biological engineers, biotechnologists, process engineers, environmentalists, pharmacists and nutritionists, to one platform to explore the beneficial aspects and challenges for an algal-based biorefinery. Chapters address cutting-edge issues surrounding algal cultivation, including genetic modification of algal strains, design and optimization of photobioreactors and open-pond systems, algal oil extraction techniques and algal-derived fuel products (biodiesel, bio-gasoline, jet fuels and bio-oil). Finally, the book considers the potential environmental impacts for establishing a sustainable algal biorefinery through lifecycle analysis, techno-economic assessment and supply chain management.

This book will be an important resource for students, academics and professionals interested in algal cultivation, biofuels and agricultural engineering, and renewable energy and sustainable development more broadly.

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