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Pyro Penny as a Farmer’s Wife

A laugh-out-loud comedy about a girl that LIKES IT HOT

Bjorn Peeters

Fiction / Humorous / General

Looking for a sexy laugh-out-loud comedy? Watch the men in this series go for the HOT girl, when all the signs say they should STAY FAR AWAY. Things heat up quick in this series, and not just the sexy parts.

Penny is the woman every man dreams about. She looks like a million bucks, is fun to be around and likes to do kinky stuff–even with guys she just met. The problem is, she also likes to set things on fire. Like hellish-flame-inferno on fire. But these guys have NO CLUE while they’re trying to get under her skirt...and with Pyro Penny, that’s a BIG risk.

Like for this grumpy old farmer who wants to rent out his loft…

Do you like laugh-out-loud comedy? Do you like women that aren’t afraid to turn up the heat A LOT? Then treat yourself to this new sexy comedy series from Bjorn Peeters. Each story is a straight to the point half-hour read of fun and laughs, and some hot action—perfect to enjoy during a break at work, your commute,... or whenever you need to relax and have a laugh.

All stories in the series can be read independently, in any order you like.

Try at NO RISK. The first story in the series is free!

Don’t read a lot? Or is English your second language? BJORN PEETERS comedies are FOR ADULTS, but at the same time EASY TO READ. Typically scoring 80+ on the Flesch–Kincaid readability scales.

Do you want to read this book? 😳
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