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Beautiful Wisdom [Juniper Songbird]

The Refreshingly Approachable New Life Version

Compiled By Barbour Staff

Bibles / Other English Translations / Text

What book can promise you

  • intellectual insight,
  • spiritual strength,
  • a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe?

Only the Bible--and here's a beautiful new edition of the refreshingly approachable New Life(TM) Version. The Bible has been changing lives for generation--the lives of individuals, the lives of families, and the lives of communities and nations. The Bible can make all the difference in your life.

Why? Because the Bible is the actual Word of God. It carries the power of God to people who need it--to people who will take the time to read it. It promises the resources of heaven for the needs of earth. It's truly your lifeline to peace, hope, and happiness.

And the New Life Version makes it easier than ever to understand. Based on a limited vocabulary of approximately 1,200 words, the NLV clarifies difficult words and passages for the modern reader. It's ideal for anyone who wants a fresh perspective on God's Word.

Do you want to read this book? 😳
Buy it now!

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