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Mail Order Man

Kirsten Osbourne

Fiction / Romance / Historical / American

Charlotte Watkins has always been considered the odd one. Now that her husband has passed, and she’s been trying to run a ranch as well as care for her young son and her home, life is becoming overwhelming. Highly aware that none of the men in town will even consider marrying her, Charlotte decides to send off for a mail-order husband. She doesn’t care what the townspeople thought of her. She has no use for them other than church anyway.

Earl Miller loves farming more than anything else in the world, but all the good farmland around Beckham has been purchased by others. The fourth son of a farmer, he knows he won’t be inheriting his father’s farm, so he needs to find a way to make all his dreams come true. When Earl’s sister sends for him, and tells him she’s found him the perfect wife, and all he has to do is move to Montana, he decides it’s the only thing he can do.

Will Earl be able to look past Charlotte’s strange past and her reputation in town? How will he take to being a father?

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