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Handbook of Bedside Teaching, Clinical Procedures, Investigations & Imaging

Dr Muhammad Khairulnizam Bin Haji Mohamad Shuhaimi

Computers / Languages / .NET

This book is specifically meant for medical students. It is a lecture note that is concise and precise to cope with the medical students’ timetable who are very busy gaining theoretical and clinically knowledge. It is also easy to understand. After reading this book, each of you will be able to answer all questions below:

1. How to take proper history taking?

2. How to do physical examination systematically

3. What investigations are relevant and vital for each symptom?

4. How to interpret lab investigations results?

5. How to perform the clinical procedure?

6. How to present the to lecturer or consultant the finding?

7. How to write a report?

Hopefully, you will gain enough knowledge, enjoy reading this book, and become an excellent, safe, knowledgeable doctor later. Thank you, and have a pleasant reading.

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