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Coffee, Cigarettes, Death & Mania

Existence lives between extremes

Rodney Richards

Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs

A fine line exists between normalcy and megalomania, and in these five episodes you experience all the possible shades of gray. Ride alongside Rodney on his roller-coaster as he morphs from husband and father, devoted believer, and hard-working employee to vision-driven, delusional and psychotic loner, ready to rule the world as king. He wields ultimate power in his mind and commands all of creation. Feel his sobbing and hear his cries as he moans over the deaths of first his father, a brother, and then a religious leader. Join him as he flies halfway around the world to the Middle East, a boy from Jersey with only his wits and inner voices to guide him. He manages to approach the doors of the seat of world government. Will he knock on them, impart his wisdom, and succeed in his God-given Mission?

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