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Captain Garrison


Katrina Hoover Lee

Fiction / Biographical

Young Nicholas blinks back tears and sets his jaw as he watches the full moon rising. He will prove he can be trusted. He will forget the past. As soon as he is old enough, he will leave and go to sea.

It is the early 1700s on Staten Island, New York. Nicholas’ parents teach him right from wrong. But the bitterness of loss, the anger at cruel treatment, and the lure of a sailor’s loose life lead him further and further from God.

Nicholas excels in navigation and earns praise as a seaman. But peace eludes him. After years of running from storms, pirates, and his own memories, Nicholas becomes desperately ill. The words of his strange but peaceful Moravian passenger jar his fading mind. The Bible verses his mother helped him learn return. His adultery, lying, and anger stare him in the face.

God has seen every sin he has ever committed. Nicholas is not smart enough to escape nor good enough to go to heaven. His attempts at right living have fallen to the ground, and he has nowhere to hide himself from God. He deserves to die. He is about to die. What then?

Father God! Give me one more chance! 

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