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ICD 10 in Psychiatry

A Learning Guide

Jaspreet Phull

Medical / General

Core to psychiatry is the practice of assessment, diagnosis and management. All three elements are subject to identifying the correct diagnosis and all three influence the clinical management of individuals with a mental disorder. This easy-to-comprehend, list-based book presents mnemonics to aid immediate recall of the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD 10) for prompt diagnosis in psychiatry. Used in conjunction with other ICD 10 guides, this remarkable resource is ideal for memorising the myriad complexities of the ICD 10 for anyone with an interest in learning about diagnostic coding in psychiatry including medical students, psychiatry trainees and mental health professionals. During my time revising for my psychiatry postgraduate examinations, I found learning of ICD 10 for diagnosis particularly testing, especially given the depth and complexity of the criteria. I found aide memoires in the form of mnemonics particularly helpful to support my learning of the subject, allowing for much more efficient recall. From the Preface

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