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La Madonna Negra

Volume I

Grace Fiery

Fiction / Romance / Erotica

She never dreamed. Until the nightmares started.

Forced to flee the scene and the only home she ever knew, Yael finds herself in the shadows of the Ybor slums. For years she hid the truth from those around her, wearing her smile like a mask as she spiraled into the abyss.

With her whole life behind her, she has no need for hopes and dreams. Alone and beyond broken, she chases her nightmares to avoid her grim reality. So when she finally sees the chance to join the living, she can’t help but question if it really is the light at the end of the tunnel? After all, the last time she was this close to freedom, she lost herself. 

Is redemption near? Will the terrifying curse that stole her innocence be lifted if she follows the light? Or will her double life catch up with her in the bitter end?

Violent and twisted. Cinematic and visually sumptuous. Enter the mysterious world of La Madonna Negra.

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