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The Complete Vespasian Boxset

Robert Fabbri

Fiction / Action & Adventure

THE VESPASIAN SERIES: The complete nine-book collection.

One man. One destiny.

In AD 26, a sixteen-year-old Vespasian leaves his family farm for Rome, his sights set on following his brother into the army. But once through the city gates, the art of war is not the only lesson he must learn. For his new world is one in which allegiance and betrayal are a natural currency, and careless words can be as dangerous as an enemy's arrow.

In this series of nine novels, master of historical fiction, Robert Fabbri, narrates the epic rise of Vespasian: the soldier who survived battles, betrayals and the internecine politics of seven emperors before seizing for himself Rome's ultimate prize in AD 69.

Fabbri skilfully weaves together history and adventure across continents and civilisations as Vespasian grows from a soldier to a leader to an emperor.


Book One: Tribune of Rome
Book Two: Rome's Executioner
Book Three: False God of Rome
Book Four: Rome's Fallen Eagle
Book Five: Masters of Rome
Book Six: Rome's Lost Son
Book Seven: Furies of Rome
Book Eight: Rome's Sacred Flame
Book Nine: Emperor of Rome

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