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Peace in the Mountain Haven

Misty M. Beller

Fiction / Christian / Western

This epic journey is her best chance to find the life her daughter needs.

Being a mother is so much harder than she ever supposed. Watkuese is desperate to return across the Rocky Mountains before winter sets in. Not only does she crave the peace of mind she found in the Shoshone village, but her adopted daughter needs those familiar surroundings as she grieves the passing of her parents.

Hugh Charpentier has spent his life watching over his siblings, which meant also ensuring his brother’s widow and babe are settled well into their new life. Now, just when the call of the trail is drawing him into the wilderness, he’s asked to help shepherd a woman and child back across the mountains. The only problem is, this woman is determined she doesn’t need help on the journey, especially not from a man.

Keeping up with a six-year-old in the dangerous Rockies turns out to be harder than either Hugh or Watkuese expect, especially when the danger comes from in the two-legged form. Hugh must choose between his determination to protect this woman and child he’s come to love, and what might truly be the best path for them to take—without him.

From a USA Today bestselling author comes another epic journey through breathless landscapes and adventure so intense, lives will never be the same.

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