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The Textual History of 2 Kings 17

Timo Tapani Tekoniemi

Religion / Ancient

🥺 Not rated yet

THE CANDLE By Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy

Fiction / Classics

🥺 Not rated yet

Scripture Cannot Be Broken

The Social Function of the Use of Scripture in the Fourth Gospel

Jaime Clark-Soles

Religion / Biblical Studies / Exegesis & Hermeneutics

🥺 Not rated yet

How to Build a Goddamn Empire

Advice on Creating Your Brand with High-Tech Smarts, Elbow Grease, Infinite Hustle, and a Whole Lotta Heart

Ali Kriegsman

Business & Economics / Entrepreneurship

🥺 Not rated yet

Claus and Effect

Dakota Rebel

Fiction / Romance / Holiday

🥺 Not rated yet

Learning Inside Out: a Guide to What Goes on Inside the Brain As You Learn

Kian Bee Ng

Medical / Neuroscience

🥺 Not rated yet

Panzer III

Thomas Anderson

History / Military / Vehicles

🥺 Not rated yet

Demographics Unravelled

How Demographics Affect and Influence Every Aspect of Economics, Finance and Policy

Amlan Roy

Business & Economics / Finance / Financial Risk Management

🥺 Not rated yet

African Icons

Ten People Who Shaped History

Tracey Baptiste

Juvenile Nonfiction / People & Places / Africa

🥺 Not rated yet


100 Rhythm Patterns Vol. 1

Kamel Sadi

Music / Musical Instruments / Guitar

🥺 Not rated yet

Vengeance is Mine

Steven Torres

Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense

🥺 Not rated yet

Narinder Singh Kapany: The Man Who Bent Light

Narinder Kapany

Biography & Autobiography / General

🥺 Not rated yet

A Glorious Liberty

Frederick Douglass and the Fight for an Antislavery Constitution

Damon Root

Biography & Autobiography / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional / African American & Black

🥺 Not rated yet

Shopping and a Spanking

A Wife's First Time Domination

Reba Bale

Fiction / Erotica / BDSM

🥺 Not rated yet

Complexity, Emergence, and Causality in Applied Linguistics

Jérémie Bouchard

Language Arts & Disciplines / Linguistics / General

🥺 Not rated yet