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The Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society

Professor and Chair of Political Science Reuven Y Hazan, Reuven Y. Hazan, Alan Dowty, Professor Emeritus of International Relations Alan Dowty, Herbert Samuel Professor of Political Science Menachem Hofnung, Menachem Hofnung, Gersten Family Chair in Political Science Gideon Rahat

"Few countries receive as much attention as Israel and are at the same time as misunderstood. The Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society brings together leading Israeli and international figures to offer the most wide-ranging treatment available of an...

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The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics

Michael Keating

The Handbook of Scottish Politics provides a detailed overview of politics in Scotland, looking at areas such as elections and electoral behaviour, public policy, political parties, and Scotland's relationship with the EU and the wider world. The contributors ...

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The Politics Industry

How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy

Katherine M. Gehl, Michael E. Porter

Our political system in America is broken, right? Wrong. The truth is, the American political system is working exactly how it is designed to work, and it isn't designed or optimized today to work for us—for ordinary citizens. Most people believe that our po...

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Politics Is for Power

How to Move Beyond Political Hobbyism, Take Action, and Make Real Change

Eitan Hersh

A brilliant condemnation of political hobbyism—treating politics like entertainment—and a call to arms for well-meaning, well-informed citizens who consume political news, but do not take political action. Who is to blame for our broken politics? The uncom...

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Comparative Politics

Daniele Caramani

With unparalleled empirical material, this is the most comprehensive introduction to comparative politics written by the leading experts in the field who bring together a diverse and informed international perspective on comparative politics. Five new authors ...

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The Politics of the Police

Benjamin Bowling

The fifth edition of the popular and highly acclaimed The Politics of the Police has been completely revised, expanded, and updated to take in recent changes in the law, policy, and organization of policing. Benjamin Bowling, Robert Reiner, and James Sheptycki...

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Politics and Morals

Benedetto Croce

Originally published in 1946, this book reveals Croce’s dynamic conception of liberty, liberalism and the relation of individual morality to the State. The State which he discusses is more than a national government; it is a historical conception which takes...

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Andrew Heywood


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Applied Political Theory and Canadian Politics

David McGrane, Neil Hibbert

Bringing together political theorists and specialists in Canadian politics, Applied Political Theory and Canadian Politics combines conceptual frameworks from political theory and empirical evidence to offer fresh perspectives on political events in contempora...

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Food, Politics, and Society

Social Theory and the Modern Food System

Alejandro Colas

Food and drink has been a focal point of modern social theory since the inception of agrarian capitalism and the industrial revolution. From Adam Smith to Mary Douglas, major thinkers have used key concepts such as identity, exchange, culture, and class to exp...

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Canadian Government and Politics - Seventh Edition

Robert J. Jackson, Doreen Jackson, Royce Koop

Canadian Government and Politics delivers an up-to-date and concise introduction to Canada’s political institutions, processes, and issues. The text integrates theory, history, Census data, and current affairs to give students an orderly picture of the wide-...

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Politics of Discourse

The Literature and History of Seventeenth-Century England

Kevin Sharpe, Steven N. Zwicker

The outstanding essays in this volume explore the interdependency of literature and history in seventeenth-century England. The relation of text to society is examined both as theory and as practice. The theoretical essays explore writing, reading, and the eme...

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The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics and International Relations

Garrett W Brown, Iain McLean, Alistair McMillan

This bestselling dictionary contains over 1,700 entries on all aspects of politics and international relations. Written by a leading team of political scientists, it embraces the multi-disciplinary spectrum of political theory including political thinkers, his...

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Peter Ferdinand, Robert Garner, Stephanie Lawson

With an unrivalled combination of exceptional clarity and intelligent analysis, Politics is the perfect introduction to political studies. Written especially for undergraduate students, this is the only introduction to politics to combine genuine accessibility...

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The Routledge Handbook of East European Politics

Adam Fagan, Petr Kopecký

The Routledge Handbook of East European Politics is an authoritative overview that will help a wide readership develop an understanding of the region in all its political, economic, and social complexity. Including Central Europe, the Baltic republics, South E...

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Speaking Out and Silencing

Culture, Society and Politics in Italy in the 1970s

A. Bull

Commonly referred to collectively as the anni di piombo -- years of lead -- the 1970s have been seen as a parenthesis in Italian history, which was dominated by political violence and terrorism. The seventeen essays in this wide-ranging collection adopt differ...

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Expounding upon, 'The Republic, ' the earlier work of his teacher Plato, Aristotle in 'Politics' examines the various options for governance and their respective values. A detailed and pragmatic approach to the subject, Aristotle's 'Politics' provides much of ...

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The Letter of Violence

Essays on Narrative, Ethics, and Politics

I. Avelar

This book traces the theory of violence from nineteenth-century symmetrical warfare through today's warfare of electronics and unbalanced numbers. Surveying such luminaries as Walter Benjamin, Frantz Fanon, Hannah Arendt, Paul Virilio, and Jacques Derrida, Ave...

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Politics in the Roman Republic

Henrik Mouritsen

The politics of the Roman Republic has in recent decades been the subject of intense debate, covering issues such as the degree of democracy and popular influence, 'parties' and ideology, politics as public ritual, and the character of Rome's political culture...

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A New Translation


This new translation of Aristotle's Politics is a model of accuracy and consistency and fits seamlessly with the translator's Nicomachean Ethics, allowing the two to be read together, as Aristotle intended. Sequentially numbered endnotes provide the informatio...

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The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics

Rebekah J. Kowal, Gerald Siegmund, Randy Martin

The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics presents cutting edge research investigating not only how dance achieves its politics, but also how notions of the political are themselves expanded when viewed from the perspective of dance....

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Tribes and Politics in Yemen

A History of the Houthi Conflict

Marieke Brandt

"Tribes and politics in Yemen' tells the story of the Houthi conflict in Sa'dah Province, Yemen, as seen through the eyes of the local tribes. In the West the Houthi conflict, which erupted in 2004, is often defined through the lenses of either the Iranian-Sau...

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Politics in the Developing World

Peter Burnell, Vicky Randall, Lise Rakner

An impressive line-up of international contributors provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to politics in the developing world. The first four parts explore the theoretical approaches, the changing nature and role of the state, and the major poli...

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The Politics of Ontario

Cheryl N. Collier, Jonathan Malloy

The Politics of Ontario is the first comprehensive book on Ontario's politics, government, and public policy since Graham White's The Government and Politics of Ontario in 1997....

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The Politics of Resentment

Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker

Katherine J. Cramer

Since the election of Scott Walker, Wisconsin has been seen as ground zero for debates about the appropriate role of government in the wake of the Great Recession. In a time of rising inequality, Walker not only survived a bitterly contested recall that brough...

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The Politics of Unemployment in Europe

Policy Responses and Collective Action

Marco Giugni

This book offers a state-of-the-art discussion of the political issues surrounding unemployment in Europe. Its unique combination offers both a policy and institutional perspective, whilst studying the viewpoint of individual civil society members engaging in ...

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Sexual Politics

Kate Millett

A sensation upon its publication in 1970, Sexual Politics documents the subjugation of women in great literature and art. Kate Millett's analysis targets four revered authors—D. H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, Norman Mailer, and Jean Genet—and builds a damning ...

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The Oxford Handbook of Swedish Politics

Jon Pierre

Series titles from the publisher's website....

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Introduction to Politics

Robert Garner, Stephanie Lawson, Peter Ferdinand

Combining theory, comparative politics, and international relations, Introduction to Politics provides a perfect introduction to the subject for students embarking on university-level study. As the only introductory text to cover both comparative politics and ...

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The Politics of Water in the Art and Festivals of Medici Florence

From Neptune Fountain to Naumachia

Felicia M. Else

This book tells the story of one dynasty's struggle with water, to control its flow and manage its representation. The role of water in the art and festivals of Cosimo I and his heirs, Francesco I and Ferdinando I de' Medici, informs this richly-illustrated in...

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