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A Modern Guide to Sports Economics

Ruud H. Koning, Stefan Késenne

This timely Modern Guide offers critical insights into developments in both professional and recreational sports through the lens of the economic forces that determine them. It explores the benefits of the relationship between sports and economics, highlightin...

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Revolution of the Modern Sports Fan

Kenon A. Brown, Andrew C. Billings, Melvin Lewis

From the advent of social media to the rise of fantasy sport to the increased media platforms in which to consume sport, the sports fan has never had more options for consumption—and for the rendering of one’s opinions. As such, Revolution of the Modern Sp...

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The Brain on Youth Sports

The Science, the Myths, and the Future

Julie M. Stamm

This book will dispel myths about head impacts in youth sports, potential consequences of these collisions, and the changes sports organizations have made to make these sports “safer than ever.” It will empower parents and athletes to make an informed deci...

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Sports Marketing

A Global Approach to Theory and Practice

Sean Ennis

Sports are big business. Most companies want to expand into global markets, enhance their brand and understand varying market conditions. This textbook supports sports marketing students as they learn about the challenges and opportunities that are specific to...

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Strong and Free

Stories and photos of Canadian women in sport from the popular #superROLEmodels project

Lyndsay Doyle

Adolescent girls are dropping out of sports at an alarming rate, despite having more opportunities than ever before. More than that, mainstream media coverage of women’s sports has declined over the last twenty years, and currently accounts for less than 5 p...

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David Caissie

"Most of us don't think about science when playing soccer, basketball, or any other sport, but the result of every kick, shot, and throw can be attributed to physics. It may sound strange to think of an activity many of us find so exhilarating to be rooted in ...

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Managing Sports Teams

Economics, Strategy and Practice

Stefan Walzel, Verena Römisch

This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the most important and fundamental elements for the management of team sports organisations. It is intended to meet the needs of full-time and voluntary individuals in management positions in professional and se...

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Strategic Sport Communication

Traditional and Transmedia Strategies for a Global Sports Market

W. Timothy Coombs, Jennifer L. Harker

Authors Coombs and Harker provide step-by-step guidance on how the strategic communication process can be applied to sports communication for individual athletes, teams, and leagues, offering an ideal text for undergraduate and graduate courses in public relat...

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The Digital World of Sport

The Impact of Emerging Media on Sports News, Information and Journalism

Sam Duncan

This book is about how new media, and in particular, digital and social media, has changed the world of sports forever. The way fans receive information, communicate and form communities now predominantly lives online. But perhaps even more significant is the ...

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21st Century Sports

How Technologies Will Change Sports in the Digital Age

Sascha L. Schmidt

This book outlines the effects that technology-induced change will have on sport within the next five to ten years, and provides food for thought concerning what lies further ahead. Presented as a collection of essays, the authors are leading academics from re...

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Advanced Sports Nutrition

Dan Benardot

Use the most sophisticated sports nutrition information to help you reach your athletic performance goals. In Advanced Sports Nutrition, Third Edition, world-renowned sports nutritionist Dr. Dan Benardot combines the latest research, strategies, and sports nut...

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Handbook of Sport Psychology

Gershon Tenenbaum, Robert C. Eklund

The fourth edition of a classic, leading resource for the field of sport, exercise, and performance psychology Now expanded to two volumes, and featuring a wealth of new chapters from highly respected scholars in the field, this all-new edition of the Handbook...

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Social Issues in Sport

Ron Woods, B. Nalani Butler

Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition, explores common questions and issues about sport and its relation to society through various sociological and cultural lenses. The text is grounded in practical application and provides social theories through which stud...

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Understanding Sport Organizations

Applications for Sport Managers

Trevor Slack, Terri Byers, Alex Thurston

Understanding Sport Organizations provides a strong foundation in organizational theory and organizational behavior and addresses how that theory is applied in a real-world context. It engages readers by providing opportunities to discover the theory in practi...

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Social Issues in Sport

Ron Woods, B. Nalani Butler

This loose-leaf version of Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition, offers students a less expensive, printed version of the text....

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Agility in Sport

Jaromír Šimonek

This book introduces a new view of agility theory, given recent serious discussion concerning the methods of open-loop skills improvement. It offers experimental research results and theoretical knowledge on both reactive and running types of agility. The book...

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The SAGE Handbook of Sports Economics

Paul Downward, Bernd Frick, Brad R. Humphreys, Tim Pawlowski, Jane E. Ruseski, Brian P. Soebbing

Sports economics is a well-established and dynamic area of study; a key component in the fields of sport management, sport science and sport studies, as well as in other areas of economics, finance and management. Covering amateur to professional sports, indiv...

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Philosophy and Nature Sports

Kevin Krein

Nature sports such as skiing, climbing, and surfing have had a significant influence on Western popular culture since the mid-twentieth century and participation in such sports continues to grow. Written in a clear and accessible style, this important book pro...

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Commonwealth Caribbean Sports Law

Jason Haynes, J. Tyrone Marcus

Sports Law has quickly developed into an accepted area of academic study and practice in the legal profession globally. In Europe and North America, Sports Law has been very much a part of the legal landscape for about four decades, while in more recent times,...

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Sport Leadership in the 21st Century

Laura J. Burton, Gregory M. Kane, John F. Borland

The Second Edition of Sport Leadership in the 21st Century provides students with the most current and comprehensive understanding of leadership in sport management. Authored and contributed by leading sport management researchers and practitioners, this text ...

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Sports and Physical Education

Kiran Black

Sport is assumed by many to promote those character traits generally deemed desirable, such as fair play, sportsmanship, obedience to authority, hard work and a commitment to excellence. As sport is a microcosm of society, the same types of deviant behaviour f...

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The Sociology of Sports

Brandon Lang

The Sociology of Sports explores the sociological significance of sports in the United States and around the world. The anthology features diverse readings and perspectives that illustrate the important role of sports in the lives of millions of people. The te...

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The Allure of Sports in Western Culture

John Zilcosky, Marlo Alexandra Burks

Sports are the most popular spectator events in the history of the world. This volume demonstrates how sports shape societies and individuals. The essays offer critical new insights and historical case studies from historians, theorists, literature scholars, a...

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Representations of Sports Coaches in Film

Looking to Win

Katharina Bonzel, Nicholas Chare

This ground-breaking interdisciplinary collection brings together leading international scholars working across the humanities and social sciences to examine ways in which representations of sports coaching in narrative and documentary cinema can shape and inf...

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No Slam Dunk

Gender, Sport and the Unevenness of Social Change

Cheryl Cooky, Michael A. Messner

In just a few decades, sport has undergone a radical gender transformation. However, Cheryl Cooky and Michael A. Messner suggest that the progress toward gender equity in sports is far from complete. The continuing barriers to full and equal participation for ...

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LA Sports

Play, Games, and Community in the City of Angels

Wayne Wilson, David K. Wiggins

LA Sports brings together sixteen essays covering various aspects of the development and changing nature of sport in one of America’s most fascinating and famous cities. The writers cover a range of topics, including the history of car racing and ice skating...

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Ethics in Sport-3rd Edition

Morgan, William J.

Ethics in Sport, Third Edition, offers 32 essays by well-known authors. These essays explore the roots of the ethical and moral dilemmas so prevalent in sport culture today. Nearly half the essays are new to this edition....

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Ethics in Sport

William J J. Morgan

Ethical and moral dilemmas in sport have not diminished since Ethics in Sport was last published. The need to understand and confront such issues is at a premium, and this latest edition of Ethics in Sport will ground readers in the issues and the stakes invol...

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Sports Law in Bulgaria

Boris E. Kolev, Tzvetelin Z. Simov

Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical analysis of sports law in Bulgaria deals with the regulation of sports activity by both public authorities and private sports organizations. The growing internationaliza...

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Nutrition for Sport, Exercise, and Health

Spano, Marie, Kruskall, Laura, Thomas, D. Travis

Nutrition for Sport, Exercise, and Health blends nutrition and exercise theory with practical applications to provide students and professionals with a comprehensive introduction to the field....

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