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A Turn of the Tide

A Victorian time-travel pirate romance

Kelley Armstrong

In Thorne Manor there is one locked door. Behind it lies a portal to the twenty-first century, and nothing is going to stop Miranda Hastings from stepping through. After all, she is a Victorian writer of risqué pirate adventures—traveling to the future woul...

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Physics for Kids (Kitchen Pantry Scientist)

Science Experiments and Activities Inspired by Awesome Physicists, Past and Present

Liz Lee Heinecke

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Physics for Kids features biographies of 25 leading physicists, past and present, accompanied by accessible, hands-on experiments and activities to bring the history and principles of physics alive....

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Even Greater Mistakes

Charlie Jane Anders

Short stories from the multiple-award winning brain of Charlie Jane Anders. Enter the wild and fantastic worlds of one of the brightest minds in science fiction today. Infinite worlds, and infinite possibilities, brought to you by the electric talents of Charl...

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Elgin Three, Time Travel!

Joyce Elgin


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Time Travel

The Science and Science Fiction

Nick Redfern

Fact or fiction? Real or impossible? Movement through time explored, examined and explained! Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity postulates, and scientists have proven, that the faster you travel, the slower time moves. Clocks on airplanes, satellites and...

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A Whole World of Art

A Decolonised History of Art

Sarah Phillips

Even before they could write, people have always told stories with pictures. Art is universal but the story we know about it is not. This book seeks to tell children the true story of art, in which the rich visual canon from every culture is explored by lookin...

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Gabrielle and Arawn's Penance

A Time Travel Fantasy Novel (Paranormal Historical Young Adult Story)

Zachary Chopchinski

Coming of Age Portal Fiction Adventure Series - USA Today Bestselling Science Fantasy Author Gabrielle had faced death before... But she hadn't faced this. Gabrielle is thrown into the middle of Germany during World War II. But it's not the Nazis she's after. ...

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Evil and the Time Travelling Assassin

Kenneth Robinson

Unknown to its citizens, the government of the United States operates a successful time travel program. But there is a constant struggle for control of this potent force between the hawks who want to change history and the doves who want to learn from it.When ...

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Timing is Everything

Greyson Hawke

Jace Bostick faces the choice of a lifetime, and timing is of the essence. Transported inexplicably from a combat mission in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan to a series of curiously linked locations, he unravels mysteries from his past and finds love along the w...

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Gabrielle and The War of The Gods

A Time Travel Fantasy Novel (Paranormal Historical Young Adult Story)

Zachary Chopchinski

Coming of Age Portal Fiction Adventure Series - USA Today Bestselling Science Fantasy Author Can an unknown power match up against the god of hell? In her new life, Gabrielle is living in one of the darkest times in American history: running a safe house for t...

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Gabrielle and The Hounds of Arawn

A Time Travel Fantasy Novel (Paranormal Historical Young Adult Story)

Zachary Chopchinski

Coming of Age Portal Fiction Adventure Series - USA Today Bestselling Science Fantasy Author A new life. A new demon. A war between good and evil. In this gripping sequel, Gabrielle is sent back to revolutionary France with more questions than answers. But wit...

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Set in Stone

A Time Travel Thriller

David James Warren

Trapped in time, he’ll have to use the past to fix the present. Thirty-eight women. Dead. All the in the past. All because Detective Rembrandt Stone played with fate, and somewhere in time unleashed a serial killer. He can’t undo their deaths, not anymore,...

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The Curious Tale of Gabrielle

A FREE Time Travel Fantasy Novel (Paranormal Historical Young Adult Story)

Zachary Chopchinski

Coming of Age Portal Fiction Adventure Series - USA Today Bestselling Science Fantasy Author What if you woke up in someone else's life? All Gabrielle wanted was to sell the last remaining piece of her father so she could pay the bills. But When her mom moves ...

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Visual Cultures as Time Travel

Henriette Gunkel, Ayesha Hameed

The notion of time travel marked by both possibility and loss: making the case for cultural research that is oriented toward the future. Visual Cultures as Time Travel makes a case for cultural, aesthetic, and historical research that is oriented toward the fu...

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Robin Hood, 1192 (The Symbiont Time Travel Adventures Series, Book 7)

Young Adult Time Travel Adventure

T.L.B. Wood

Petra and Kipp, accompanied by fellow time travelers Peter and Elani, travel to medieval England to answer a nagging question in the time-travel adventure, Robin Hood - 1192, by T.L.B. Wood Was Robin Hood a real man or a myth? The ever-curious time traveler, K...

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Chasing Christmas

Dani Haviland

Only LOVE could be sweeter than freedom. Early winter 1783, remote North Carolina: Rejuvenated time traveler Evie and her family have little in life but each other, but they’re content. When her husband rescues an abused young Native American woman and bring...

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The Beauty of Time Travel

Officine Universelle Buly and the Work of Ramdane Touhami

gestalten, Ramdane Touhami

This book dissects the Buly 1803 universe from A to Z, revealing the stories, tricks and (almost) all its secrets....

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The Theological Anthropology of Man

......Before Adam.......

Akeam A. Simmons

The Theological Anthropology of man discusses the creation of man, and the distinct posibility of a created man before Adam and possibly after Adam. It discusses the genetics of man and why he acts the way he does, even his prejudices. It unveils the reasons b...

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Moneyline Secrets

A Time Travel Secrets Short Story

R. W. Wallace

How does a gal prove to her father that her mother is not a witch? Gaëlle's mother knows impossible things. Like the dates of natural disasters years before they strike. Or the winners of football games in the US, of all things. While Gaëlle simply finds thi...

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Analysing Historical Narratives

On Academic, Popular and Educational Framings of the Past

Stefan Berger, Nicola Brauch, Chris Lorenz

For all of the recent debates over the methods and theoretical underpinnings of the historical profession, scholars and laypeople alike still frequently think of history in terms of storytelling. Accordingly, historians and theorists have devoted much attentio...

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Time Travel

Ten Short Lessons

Brian Clegg

During times like these, who hasn't daydreamed about traveling forward or backward in time? In Time Travel: Ten Short Lessons, popular-science master Brian Clegg gives a grand tour of the essential lessons in this game-changing area of physics, from the imagin...

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Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World: Book 7

Dianna Love

Book 7 in New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love’s explosive Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador™ World series continues with more surprises, fast action, and unexpected reveals. Casidhe followed her conscience. It cost her everything and she now faces ...

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10 Short Lessons in Time Travel

Brian Clegg

'10 Short Lessons in Time Travel lucidly sums up the essential parts of this fascinating subject.' John Gribbin ________________________ In Ten Short Lessons in Time Travel, Brian Clegg takes us on a fascinating and up-to-date tour of the workings of the unive...

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Art Beholding

Clare Merrett

Fifteen-year-old Art wanted to spend the summer at home, with Dad, being normal. She does not want to be here, on Mum’s work trip, with her colleague and his sulky, identikit daughter. Worse, Mum has booked a place in the middle of nowhere that looks like ot...

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Robin Brooks

Prisoners of The Black Temporal

Derrick Wallen Jr

Robin Brooks life was all but normal until he began suffering from a mysterious condition causing him to see visions of the rumored ancient ancestral gods. His enemies learn of his visions and knows what Robin’s true potential can amount to and will stop at ...

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The Time Machine

H.G. Wells

A beautifully designed edition of one of the most beloved science fiction novels of all time... First published in 1895, The Time Machine won author H.G. Wells immediate recognition and has been regarded ever since as one of the great masterpieces in the liter...

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Gianluca Galtrucco: Time Traveler

In his new book of photographs Gianluca Galtrucco abducts our sensibilities, casting us into a cosmos that upends science. We encounter UFOs, some of them strangely antiquated, others futuristic. We come across an astronaut eating in a diner or machines and ve...

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Time Travel Through Consciousness and Advanced Technology

Frederick Dodson

The purpose of this book was to write something beautiful that doesn't exist yet. It explores Time Travel as precognitive dreaming, de-materialization, with secret time machine technology and through consciousness travel, lucid dreaming and remote viewing. It ...

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The Scarlet Queen

An Epic Space Opera/Time Travel Adventure

Sean Robins

Can a time machine be used to save the galaxy? Before teaming up with Tarq, Xornaa was a spy/mercenary with a terrible reputation. After finishing a successful mission, she receives a mysterious offer, one that involves a lot of money for a seemingly easy job....

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Time Burrito Series

Ready For The Time Travel With The Apostles: Time Burrito Adventure

Wes Metheny

When Zeb locates the DNA of the Dave he thinks is his savior, it's not. It's our old time-traveling Burrito-loving buddy, Pete, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a result, the different factions, namely the 'Davists' and the 'Dav...

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