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I Saw The Devil

Brendon Thutso

06 October 2021
This book is very raw. every chapter is relatable and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I would like to explore more of the author's books.

"As I grow up, I realize that the devil is someone or something right here on earth, not just a man in hell with horns, a tail, and three eyes. Anything that blocks your road to progress is the devil. Anything and anyone who disrupts your state of well-being is the devil. If you have toxic friends in your circle who always see the worst in you, depress you, demean your self-esteem, cause you to hate yourself, make you feel like you are not good enough, and disrupt your mental state, they are the devil. If you have traits and vices that affect your well-being and mental state, those are the devil. And if you are blocking your own road to progress, you are the devil." — Brendon  Thutso

This book is a self-help guide that explores mental health and social issues that we all go through. It touches on sectors like self-hate, self-love, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, fear, etc. It empowers the reader and reminds them that amid all the problems they face, they still have a great purpose to live for.